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There is so much to tell about my job as an American Gladiator. The show lasted for over seven years.

I have hundreds of photographs that no one else has from shoots, the road tour, from behind-the- scenes and from my personal scrap book.

Dozens of articles have been written and I have tons of fun and candid shots from over the six years I was ZAP.


You will also get a personal view of my experience of how I became and what it took to be and last as a gladiator. People are always telling me that they wanted to be on that show. I'll let you in a few secrets. Every couple months, you'll journey through the trials and tribulations, the joy and adulation, the gossip and even some dirt. I'm sure I am going to catch some flack for what you'll be reading, but I don't care... it was what it was, and people should know....sex, drugs, rock and roll.... isn't that a part of life? It was a part of mine. I don't feel I have anything to hide and so many of you have asked personal questions of me. Now I can finally answer all of them through this site! I think you will find it quite amusing. Check it out!


Gladiator Clips is a video compiled of my greatest moments and highlights from the six years I was on the "American Gladiators".

I am offering the video tape for $24.99 (+$2.99 for shipping and handling).

I'm sure you will enjoy what I have created.


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