I have been very fortunate. My bodybuilding and gladiator popularity opened the door to Playboy. In 1995, a photographer, Kal Yee, convinced me to do test shots (next quarter I'll let you see them) to submit to Playboy. We travelled to Mexico with his crew and shot photos that were absolutely beautiful to me. He submitted the photos to Playboy, and all we could do was wait! During that time, I auditioned for the role that I thought would change my life. I landed the role of Lt. Cassie Puller on JAG, "Judge Advocate General". After filming the pilot, I received a personal phone call from the Playboy Headquarters in Chicago. I was accepted! I told them that I had to cut my hair for JAG. They said it wouldn't be a problem. Hence, the 1996 celebrity Playboy issue with short hair. If I had it to do all over again, I would prefer to have my usual long, blonde hair.
After the Playboy issue came out, I was approached by the owners of Trashy Lingerie, Mitch Trich, Randy and Mary. I did a photo shoot wearing signature pieces of their line. These articles of clothing (as little as they are) are to be personally signed by me and sold to interested parties for their own use or for gifts for the ones they love. Look for these photos and lingerie items in my shopping area.
Over the past two years, I have been spending half of my time travelling to Toronto to work on a project that involves the publishing of a series of books titled, "Where Are They Now". My partner in crime in Canada is a gentleman by the name of Bert Ridd. You ask what is the connection between me and hockey. Well, I had to do an appearance (or signing) for Bert at one of the trade shows. I was coupled with one of these hockey players.We hit it off really well, and he seemed to warm up to me and my inquisitiveness about the game with ease. Mr. Ridd thought I would make a good interviewer as these guys soften up when a women who knows her sports asks them intimate questions about the game. Get it! Gladiator girl, hockey guy. Well, Bert came up with this concept of me interviewing these legends of hockey for the book and then finally on video as well. The books entail interesting interviews, photos and articles of the infamous "old timers" of hockey. We have also been working on video interviews on legends such as: Rocket Richard, Serge Servard, Yvon Cournoyer, Gaye Stewart, Guy Lafleur, Red Kelly and many more. The books are available in my shopping mall at this time, and at a later date we will have the video series availabe as well. It's quite interesting to hear their personal view.
During my layoff and in between my Toronto gig, I took it upon myself to create a project of my own. My main passion over the past two years has been creating this television show called "Rune Sagas, the Voyages of Reya". The show focuses on a big, strong, female viking warrior, Me! I have been working diligently with the production company "American Media Group" headed by director/producer Erik Karson. We have spent months putting together a wonderful and entertaining script, a bible that consists of 23 episodes, photographs from a location scouting trip that was taken in Norway and Malta, and the budgeting, etc. I have several pictures available for you in my shopping area to purchase as well. I really think you will be interested in reading more about the progress of this show.